Railway Station Spruced up

Volunteers and schoolchildren have been working together to spruce up Whatstandwell Railway Station as part of a Community Planting Day.

April 2014

Existing Station Adopters who already look after the station platform planters and flower tubs, were joined by additional volunteers from Whatstandwell, Year 5 children from Crich Carr School and staff from East Midlands Trains.  Together, they planted a range of wildlife friendly shrubs and plants to create a more attractive station environment for passengers and to benefit local wildlife.

Children plantingThe Community Planting Day follows on from initial vegetation clearance and digging work carried out by Derbyshire Probation service.   Station adopters worked with East Midlands Trains installing a planting bed made from railway sleepers behind the platform. This new planting bed and borders around the car park were then planted by the volunteers and schoolchildren to brighten up the station.

The children thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Community Planting Day – Some of the things the children said about the day:

‘We planted Aubretia, Hebe, Rosemary and Lavender. The Lavender smelt beautiful’.
‘I enjoyed putting the woodchip- chip around the flowers’.
‘I really thought it was a great way for the community to come together’.
‘I use the station regularly, so I am very happy to see it looking beautiful’.
‘We really enjoyed the day and we think the planting is a good idea to make the station more attractive’.

Councillor Irene Ratcliffe, Chair of the Derwent Valley Line Community Rail Partnership said “The Community Day proved a real success with volunteers and schoolchildren combining to develop wonderful new planting areas.  It was a truly enjoyable and worthwhile day and shows what can be achieved through working with the local community”.

20140409 WTS planting -19-Paul Mobbs, Customer Service Manager for East Midlands Trains, said: “The Community Planting Day provided a good opportunity for the local community and East Midlands Trains to work together to deliver some really great improvements at Whatstandwell.  The support of our local station adopters makes a huge difference to our stations, and is very much valued by everybody at East Midlands Trains and it was really nice to get some of the local schoolchildren involved as well.  We would like to thank everybody involved for their support in making the day such a great success.”

20140409 WTS planting -12-Funding for the project came from the Designated Community Rail Development Fund, a joint initiative by the Association of Community Rail Partnership, Department for Transport and Network Rail along with additional resources provided by East Midlands Trains, Derbyshire County Council’s Countryside Service and the recently opened The Family Tree café adjacent to the station.

Crich Carr School are also working with the Derwent Valley Line Community Rail Partnership to develop some artwork for the station which will be installed in the summer.