Bonfire Night

Saturday 3rd November 2018 – Three Acres – Hindersitch Lane

Following a very dry October, there was no trouble this year lighting what will most likely be the last Whatstandwell community bonfire. It went up really quickly and presented a classic backdrop to the rest of the event. Mindful of concerns from local residents about the new generation of heavy rockets landing on cars, rooftops, greenhouses and the like, we decided this year to choose a selection which included only the multishot box type. All attending thought that the resulting 13 minute show was very good, splendid even.

Anyway, those that did attend were also tempted with a nice and spicy homemade mulled wine, as well as “dogs” and “burgers” from the ever popular Family Tree kitchen. For the further entertainment of the youngsters present, apple bobbing and a pumpkin competition were on offer. There was also a best guy competition but only one showed up – and he didn’t even get to sit atop the fire. Ended up being dismantled and scattered around the garden – for shame!

So there we have it, or rather had it. 43 years or so of community fireworks come to an end. From the heady days of British made Standard, Brock and Lion fireworks – rip-raps, helicopters, Catherine wheels, bring your own sparklers, right through to the present with mostly boxes that you just light and let them get on with it. What with the ever stricter regulations and hefty insurance for such events the writing was probably on the wall anyway.

Thanks very much to Richard and Myra Hodgkinson for allowing us to use their garden for all these years, its much appreciated. However it does mean that they wont want any more wood dropping of next year as there will be no fire. Thanks to everyone who has come along over the years and enjoyed themselves and supported the social club with this event. We will be back next year with an alternative.


Fireworks photo November 2016

Enjoying fireworks 

Fireworks photo November 2016

Fireworks photo